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The Perfect Pancake

Pancakes are wonderful, aren’t they

Whether sweet, savoury, fluffy or flat, Pancake Day gives us an annual excuse to indulge ourselves (not that we need an excuse the other 364 days of the year).

What’s so fantastic about pancakes is that you don’t need to be Mary Berry in the kitchen to get good at them and they are so versatile, they can be incorporated into any meal of the day.

Flipping is optional (but let’s face it- it’s the most fun part) and they can be adorned with virtually any topping.

What we are saying is - the only rule when making pancakes is that there are no rules!

What we are saying is - the only rule when making pancakes is that there are no rules!

There are however ingredients to purchase so let’s start with what you will need for a traditional English pancake:

• Flour
• 2 Large eggs
• 1 Table spoon of sunflower/vegetable oil
• Milk
• Salt

Digiflex UK
Digiflex UK

Look the Part

You want everyone to know there is a professional pancake chef at work (even if you are slightly under confident!) so first things first, adorn yourself with a protective chef apron. It will save your clothes from being splashed with ingredients or hit by rogue pancakes flipped off course.

Made to Measure

Use your measuring spoons to scoop out 100g of flour and measure out 300ml of milk. This is the ideal amount you need to make around 10 pancakes.

Get Sifting

Time to sift the flour using your handy sifting tool. Pour the contents of your measuring spoon into the sieve and simply squeeze the handle to evenly distribute the flour into your mixing bowl. Pour in your milk and crack open your eggs and add them to the mix along with a pinch of salt.

Smoothly Does It

Whisk the contents of your mix into a smooth batter.

Prep Your Pan

Prevent your pancakes sticking to the pan by lovingly spraying the surface area with sunflower or vegetable oil. This can be done thoroughly with your pump spray cooking utensil.

Digiflex UK
Digiflex UK

To Flip or not to Flip?

The art of successfully flipping a pancake is waiting for the edges to brown and for the bubbles produced to start popping. Slide a spatula underneath your pancake so that’s its centred and in one expert move, flick your wrist 180 degrees so that the pancake flips over. It may require some practice if you want to avoid a soggy ceiling.

Are you Sweet or Savoury?

If you are sweet toothed, try topping your pancakes with lemon, sugar or chocolate spread. More savoury palate may prefer bacon, mushrooms, cheeses and eggs.

That Fluffy Feeling - American Pancakes

For Oh-So-Fluffy American pancakes, add 1 tea spoon of caster sugar along with a table spoon of baking soda to your recipe. Drizzle in maple syrup for a delicious treat.

Vegan friendly

Instead of eggs, use 125g of flour, 2 table spoons of organic sugar, a cup of non-dairy milk, 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla. Adorn with blueberries for a vegan friendly serving.

However it is you do Pancake Day – Make it memorable and have all the tools ready for the job in hand. Who knows you might give Mary Berry a run for her money after all!

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