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Top tips for the Beginner Gardener

We've got you covered

New to gardening but don’t know where to start? This Spring discover the joy to be had in making your garden grow and forging new life.

Whether you favour plants, herbs vegetables or flowers – we have you covered with some helpful tips and hints along with some gardening tools and accessories to make things a little easier. There is no time like the present so let’s get started!

TIP 1 ; Check your soil:

Checking that you have healthy soil is an essential first step for any budding gardener. Use a Soil PH Tester to test the PH, humidity and moisture levels of your soil prior to planting.

There are 3 types of soil: dry, sandy and loamy. You will find that loamy soil contains a nice mix of silt, clay and sand for a wide variety of bulbs and seedlings.

Digiflex UK
Digiflex UK

TIP 2; Plan your design

Bulbs and seedlings love plenty of space! It’s important to plan out your garden so that plants have room to take root.

Use a bulb dibber to accurately gauge the depth of the soil before getting started and create the hole in which to lay the seeds.

TIP 3; Be delicate

Plants are delicate creatures so it’s important to take care when handling them to avoid damage. Support climbing plants such as tomato plants and vines with clips to stop them from drooping.

Remember, time and patience is required when it comes to gardening so resist the urge to over water!

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Digiflex UK

TIP 4; Comfort is key

Gardening requires you to get up close and personal with your plants.

Save your knees from hard or damp surfaces by investing in some gardening knee pads with straps, inserts that slot into your work trousers or a garden mat so you can lovingly care for your fledgling plants in comfort.

TIP 5; Be ruthless with weeds!

You must be on the look out for troublesome weeds at all times.

Best to do some homework on this as weeds come in many different guises so it is not always obvious it’s a weed you are dealing with!

TIP 6; Label it

Once you start experimenting with a number of plants, flowers and herbs, its important to keep track of what you have.

Use plant tags to easily identify what’s in your garden.

TIP 7; Protect your tools;

Galvanised tool hooks are perfect for garages and sheds to make sure your gardening tools are organised when not in use.

It will extend the life of your tools and help protect them from damage.

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TIP 8; Decoration

If you plan to spend more time in your garden, its worth making it somewhere beautiful to visit!

Brighten up your outdoor space with something that catches the eye like a wind spinner such as these bee or butterfly ornaments. If you have a garden pond, then a solar fountain is a lovely way to add some elegance to your surroundings.

We hope this has inspired you to invest some time and love in your garden this Spring.
Want to share pictures of your garden with us? That would be bloom’in marvellous!